Angels are powerful, winged celestial beings, native to the realm of Heaven. They were created by God to serve as messengers and helpers to the creation, and also soldiers in the war against the Hell denizens.


The Angels are holy spirits that live in Heaven. They're generally benevolent, and, like Demons, they can use humans as hosts through possession, however, they not do this in order to mantain the free will intact, as each Angel is compartimentalized as a part of a "plan" to keep the free will intact

Fallen Wings

Black Wings of a Fallen Angel

Their forms resembles to normal humans, with the only diference being a pair of great white wings on their backs. However, the wings can be retracted in order to occult it. Generally, when appear in Earth, the wings are opened but shortly after they retract. The Fallen had black wings instead of white ones, and is unknown that the Angels can have more than a single pair

The Angels can fall from Heaven if their wings are damaged. This immeadiately expulse them from Heaven, and gives them physical bodies. However, after some time, the Angel "dies" and the soul extinguishes, and they cease to exist. This can be avoided if the wings are "healed" in time

Their expulsion from Heaven can be also caused by indiscretions, like killing a mortal creature

They serve generally as messengers and advisers, as they don't have permission of directly interfering in the events to protect the free will

Also, is seen that people can get powers from the Angels, as when Imogen gave Zachary a feather from her wings, which not only ressurected him, but granted him the power to heal the sick, at cost of the healed person transform into a Ghoul under Imogen's command


Very little is known about the Angels' history, aside the Lucifer was an Angel before his fall, like great part of the Demons before their expulsion from Heaven

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Strength - Angels possess other-worldly strength which enable them to overpower humans with great ease.
  • Invulnerability - Angels are essentially impossible to harm through conventional means.
  • Chronokinesis - Angels have the unique ability to manipulate the space-time continuum, and in the process, watch as the world around them freezes.
  • Telekinesis - Angels have the ability to manipulate objects with the mind. Displayed by the Archangel, Lucifer when breaking a glass door.
  • Teleportation- Angels can teleport between Heaven and Earth, appearing in anywhere in a flash, and disappearing in the same way.
  • Astral Projection - Angels are able to manifest themselves in Earth as spirits, without needing a physical form. However, they cannot interact with the physical world in this state.
  • Flight - Angels can use their wings to flight like any other winged creature.
  • Healing - Angels are able to cure any disease or illness of humans with ease.
  • Resurrection - Angels can easily bring back the dead.
  • Invisibility - Angels are spiritual beings, making them naturally invisible to visual spectrum. However, Angels can allow themselves to be seen for the main reason to physically interact with the living.

Known AngelsEdit