General Information
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green/Red
Status Alive
Species Half-Breed Demon
Affiliations Hell
Allies & Enemies
Appears in Constantine
Constantine: The Novelization
Portrayer Michelle Monaghan

Ellie was a Half-Breed Demon in a relationship with John Constantine. She was the one, who informed, John, that Lucifer, would come up, and personally collect his soul, when the time comes. She's one of the many demons, who sides, with Mammon, her reasoning behind this, was that she preferred being on, Earth, and Mammon's reign would ensure her place there. John, with the help of Chas, was able to defeat the demons, but John was unable to kill, Ellie, so he let her go.

She is portrayed by Michelle Monaghan


  • Ellie was based on the character Chantinelle, from the original comics, who is a disgraced succubus who became friends with John.
  • Ellie was originally going to be a main character in the film who was allies with John, but this was written out, with the intention of making John more of a lonely character.
    • She does, however, make various appearances in deleted scenes.

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