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Gabriel is a half-breed angel-turned human, with a disdain for humanity.


At his first, Gabriel's appearance looked more like a male than female. From the way he dressed (Wearing a manly suit) and from his actions, though at his second appearance he seemed to have changed clothing, wearing a white top and white trousers. His top was sleeveless and he had several wristbands. He does not wear shoes anymore. Gabriel has blonde hair and green eyes. His appearance changed slightly the second time he appeared, his hair became a lighter shade of blonde and more curly.

Even though he was portrayed by a woman, he looked sexless, just as angels are described. He has long dark-coloured wings that appear and disappear whenever he wishes them to. A half-breed's eyes also, tend to change color depending on their mood.


Gabriel seems to have the personality of a rather cruel angel. He has a disdain for some humanity but believes that some can be selfless and noble. Gabriel's plan to bring Hell to earth is so those who are selfless and noble can rise up and be worthy of God's love, dying in selfless ways and going to Heaven as just reward. His plan was to get the Spear Of Destiny, kill Isabelle then take Angela's body as the host of Mammon, then with the Spear unleash Mammon on Earth. So that he could build his kingdom of fire and blood. Gabriel seems to also be afraid and worried when it comes to Lucifer, seeing as even before he lost his grace he was trembling before him, he was paralyzed and hardly talking. Only calling Lucifer by his other 'nicknames'.

Gabriel seems to dislike John more than the rest of the humans and gets annoyed by the way he thinks. As seen when he said that because he had saved many people from demons, God should take him to Heaven. Though unlike John, Gabriel reacts calmly without doing violent actions and expressing anger. His reactions though were rather sadistic since he mentioned John's cancer as the reason he was going to die and go to hell for the "life you took"; referencing John's successful albeit short suicide when he was a teenager.

He could also be called sadistic when he pinned John down, and held his foot onto John's neck. He was acting brutally towards John, and even though his voice was light, almost like whispering, the way he was hurting John showed very violent intentions. Also, a while before he did this to John, he broke a deal (As mentioned by Balthazar) he had made with Balthazar when, instead of resurrecting him, he simply killed him, deporting him back in Hell when he was finished with him. That showed that he did not show any care towards his comrades.

We could say that he cared about God a lot. Mentioning him a lot and never forgetting to comment about his kindness. That love he has about his Father is also one of the reasons to why he wishes to bring the reign of Hell on Earth. Because even though God cares about humans more than anything and loves them a lot they keep on doing bad things and they sin a lot. So he says that they should find their good side and start doing good things. But to do that they should learn what true pain. Because they only learn how to work together and care for each other at difficult situations.

He does however, feel shocked and even somewhat proud of John when he refuses to shoot him.


  • Gabriel's wings were burnt off by God at the climax of the film, whether or not Gabriel is now a fallen angel like Lucifer is unknown.
  • It was mentioned by John that Gabriel had a bad sense of humor, based off of the way he talked to him.
  • Gabriel was the one that give orders to Balthazar, meaning that he was the one behind Balthazar's actions.
  • It was mentioned that he and Balthazar had made a deal in which Gabriel would grant Balthazar resurrection, and in return, Balthazar would serve him.


''I know what you want, son Gabriel to John when they first met at the church.

''Everything you've ever done, you've only ever done for yourself. To earn your way back into His good graces Gabriel to John.

''Your ego is astounding! Gabriel as to John as he pinned him down with his foot.

''You're judging me now John? Gabriel to John.

''I'm simply seeking to inspire mankind to all that's intended Gabriel to John as he grabs him from the neck.

''The road to salvation..Begins tonight..Right now. Gabriel to John before blowing him straight to the glass door.

''Do you want revenge? Is that what you're thinking right now? Do it, do it..Seek revenge, go on..End my life. Its your choice, its always been your choice. Gabriel to John as he handed him his holy shotgun.

''You could have shot me John! You chose a higher power. Look how well you're doing. Gabriel to John when John refuses to shoot him.


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