Various contraptions that John Constantine uses, supplied by Beeman.

Holy ShotgunEdit

Holy Shotgun

Holy Shotgun Weapon

Constantine's main weapon that he uses in his fight against supernatural threats. Made almost entirely out of gold, the holy shotgun fires gold-cased rounds which cause severe damage to weakened half-breeds. The holy shotgun can be used in conjunction with Dragon's Breath when attached to the barrel.

Gold/Brass KnucklesEdit

Gold Knuckles

Gold Knuckles Weapons

Gold plated brass knuckles that damage half-breeds.

Dragon's BreathEdit

Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath Weapons

A gold tube that discharges a bright purple flame. It is apparently rare and difficult to obtain. Can be attached to the front-end of the holy shotgun.

Holy Water AmpoulesEdit

Holy Water Ampoules

Holy Water Ampoules Tools

Glass spheres filled with holy water that burns the skin off of a Half-Breed.

Screech Beetles Edit

Screech Beetles

Screech Beetles Tools

A matchbox filled with screech beetles, the sound causes excruciating pain to a Half-Breed.